Casey Ancestors 10 Generations

A snippet from a relative’s genealogy research efforts, thanks Joyce.
First Generation
1. Joel LOVELL was born about 1965 in Louisiana.

Second Generation
2. Carroll LOVELL was born date___. Carroll LOVELL and Peggy Jean CASEY were married.
3. Peggy Jean CASEY was born on 17 Feb 1934 in Lubbock Co., TX.

Third Generation
6. Jack Pushmataha CASEY was born on 11 Oct 1900 in OK. Fed Census 1920, cannot locate! Fed Census 1930 (1940 Census? Peggy says, “Best I recall, we were living in grove, Oklahoma at that time or in Bernice, ok.however we could have been living on a houseboat during this period and easily have been missed entirely by the census.”

He lived (SSN card was issued there, per SSDI) in Louisiana in 1957. He died on 3 Jan 1977. He was buried in Old Town - Tuskahoma Cemetery, City of Tuskahoma, County of Pushmataha, Oklahoma. He was the Jack C Casey on Dawes Rolls. Jack Pushmataha CASEY and Lottie Elizabeth GIBSON were married about 1928 in prob AR.
7. Lottie Elizabeth GIBSON was born on 29 Apr 1908 in AR. Fed Census 1910. Fed Census 1920, cannot locate. She died on 15 May 2003 in Lafayette Co., LA - Lafayette.

Fourth Generation
12. Wiley Parris CASEY was born on 25 May 1873 in GA. Fed Census 1880. Fed Census 1900. Fed Census 1910. He lived according to his WWI draft registration card in Jackson Co., OK - 2 Blair St. on 12 Sep 1918. He cannot currently be located in the Fed Census 1920. Fed Census 1930. He died on 22 Dec 1940. He was buried in 1940 in Hennepin Cemetery, Murray Co, OK. Wiley Parris CASEY and Julia Adelle-wifeofWileyParrisCasey UNKNOWN were married about 1896 in prob OK.
13. Julia Adelle-wifeofWileyParrisCasey UNKNOWN was born about 1878 in OK.
14. Richard GIBSON was born about 1873/74 in LA. Fed Census 1910. Richard GIBSON and Rhoda UNKNOWN-MARR #1 JOBE were married about 1903.
15. Rhoda UNKNOWN-MARR #1 JOBE was born about 1870/71 in IN. (There were “Jobe” stepchildren in the census of 1910 in Richard Gibson's household.)

Fifth Generation
24. Wiley D. CASEY was born on 19 Dec 1851 in GA. Fed Census 1860. Fed Census 1870. Fed Census 1880. Fed Census 1900. Fed Census 1910. Fed Census 1920. Fed Census 1930. He died on 22 Feb 1936 in OK. He was buried in Hennepin Cemetery, Murray Co, OK. He lived Near Ft. Worth, TX. Wiley D. CASEY and Sarah Elizabeth EWING were married in 1873 in GA (prob. Jackson Co.).
25. Sarah Elizabeth EWING was born in Mar 1837 in GA.

Sixth Generation
48. Parris Pace CASEY was born in 1814 in GA. He was a member of Yellow Creek (Baptist) Church, located in Hall Co. GA north of Murrayville between 18 May 1834 and 18 Oct 1834. He was Liberty Baptist Church, Clerk or Deacon in 1839/40 in Cherokee Co., AL. Fed Census 1840. He was Liberty Baptist Church, Clerk or Deacon between 1844 and 1846 in Cherokee Co., AL. He lived in Georgia (from Alabama previously, where oldest 3 children born); moved from Alabama back to Georgia about 1848. Fed Census 1850. He listed as member of Grand Lodge of Georgia, Phi Delta #148 in 1854 in Bushville, Franklin Co., GA. Fed Census 1860. He was Clerk of Unity Church, Maysville, GA about 1860. Fed Census 1870. Between 1875 and 1885 he was a Postmaster; Schoolteacher in Maysville, GA. Fed Census 1880. He died on 24 May 1885 in Maysville, GA. He was also mistakenly called "Hains" because of how his name appears on GA 1850 Hall Co. census. He served in the military Civil War in 245 Georgia Militia District, CSA. Parris Pace CASEY and Mary HOGAN were married on 18 Dec 1835 or 1834 in Jackson Co., GA.
49. Mary HOGAN was born in 1816 in GA. She was Baptist between 1839 and 1846 in Cherokee Co., AL. Fed Census 1840. Fed Census 1850. John Hogan was a large landowner in the area. Mary may have been related. Do not know.

Seventh Generation
96. John CASEY was born about 1780 in VA. He lived in Elbert Co., GA in 1800. He, Amas Straughn & B Pace witnessed land sale, 1806 by John Casey to Alexander Henry on 20 Dec 1806 in Elbert Co., GA. One John Casey was a J.P. in Jackson Co., GA on several deeds 1815, 1816, 1817 between 1815 and 1817 in Jackson Co., GA. (This may have been a different John Casey since one James Casey of Sandy Creek in Jackson Co. also had a son, John.) Fed Census 1820. He appeared in the census in 1824 in Hall Co., GA. Fed Census 1830. Fed Census 1840. He signed a will on 25 Jan 1844 in Hall Co., GA. Will probated. He died bet 1 Jul 1844 in Hall Co., GA. He was buried in Family Cemetery, Banks Co., GA, near Gillsville. He was a Farmer. He lived at Gillsville, Hall Co., GA. John CASEY and Elizabeth (Betsy) PACE were married about 1800 in prob GA. No, there is no Georgia census for 1790, 1800 or 1810.
97. Elizabeth (Betsy) PACE was born between 1780 and 1785 in GA. Fed Census 1850. Fed Census 1860. She Slave Schedule, 2nd Militia District, Banks Co. in 1860 in Banks Co., GA. Fed Census 1870. She died on 4 Jul 1870 in Hall County, GA. She was also known as Betsy. Her name has erroneously been stated as “Elizabeth Parris Pace” because someone mistranscribed a deed which, in the old style, had omitted the comma between her name and the given name of her brother, Parris Pace, and this misinformation has now “made the internet.” Elizabeth was buried Casey Family Cemetery in Banks Co., GA - Gillsville.

Eighth Generation
192. Daniel CASEY was born before 1760. He lived in Henry Co. VA in the late 1780s. He lived in Elbert Co. GA, at time of the 1820 GA lottery in which Appling and Irwin Lots were drawn. in Elbert Co., GA - Webb's Dist. in 1820. Daniel Casey resided in Elbert when drew land in Irwin Co. on 11 Nov 1821. He lived Elbert Co. GA on 11 Aug 1838. His descendant Joyce Harris was admitted to NSDAR, #833268, on Daniel's Rev. War service on 5 Feb 2005. GA 1820 census(?): John Casey's h/h has an older male. Daniel CASEY and Mary UNKNOWN were married before 18 Oct 1806 when her name appeared with his on a deed. His death date and burial place are unknown.
193. Mary UNKNOWN was born date unknown.
194. Barnabas- youngest son of Richard PACE IV was born about 1747 in NC - Northampton/Craven/Bertie Co./Johnston Co.? He had various land holdings totaling 1,187 1/2 acres of land in Georgia. He served as a justice of the peace in Georgia between 1790 and 1805. Fed Census 1820. He signed a will on 24 Mar 1827 in Elbert Co., GA. Fed Census 1830. He died about 3 Aug 1831 in Elbert Co., GA. He was also known as Barny. He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index 1966 iii.. Barnabas Pace mentioned his GRANDson Barnabas in his will. (Whose son was this? - jh) Barnabas, the youngest son f Richard PACE IV and Agnes AYCOCK were married. [His second wife was said to be Mary Casey, the sister of John Casey, son of Daniel Casey.]
195. Agnes AYCOCK was born about 1757 in NC. She died about 1799 in GA.

Ninth Generation
388. Richard PACE IV was born about 1700 in VA or Bertie Co., NC, have seen both. He moved with family to about 13 miles above Augusta. in SC about 1757/58. He Land surveyed in St. Paul Parish (22 ac on island in Savannah River) on 12 Aug 1759 in St. Paul Parish, GA. He lived 1761, moved back to N.C. "near Uncle Cox" til 1763 in NC - near Uncle Cox. Was probably still in St Paul's Parish, GA near Edgefield, SC in 1768. He died about 1775/76 in St. Paul's Parish, Georgia, near Savannah River. Order of children is not known. Confusion herein about dau's of Richard IV & their husbands! Richard PACE IV and Elizabeth CAIN were married about 1723 in Anson Co., NC.
389. Elizabeth CAIN was born about 1705. She died about 1775 in GA.

Tenth Generation
776. Richard PACE III was born about 1661. He lived in Surry Co., VA in 1703. He came to NC from VA, was in Albemarle Co., NC in 1704. He moved back to Surry Co, VA in 1709/10. Court Record. Land Transac.. Court Record. Land Transac.. He lived Moved back to Chowan Pct of Albemarle NC during "this time" (abt 1719) He signed a will on 13 Mar 1736 in Bertie Precinct, NC. He died before Feb 1738 in Bertie Precinct, NC. Richard PACE III and Rebecca\Rebecka UNKNOWN (NOTPOYTHRESS?) were married about 1688.
Rebecca\Rebecka UNKNOWN-NOTPOYTHRESS was born before 1665.

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Note: I have stopped with the tenth generation because the continuation of the Pace line is well documented and discussed online, especially in the Rootsweb PACE Mailing List and PACE Genforum. There are differences of opinion as to the wife of Richard Pace III. - jhh